About Our Stainless Steel Finishes


No. 8 Finish

Also knows as the “mirror finish,” the No. 8 Finish is widely popular and quite aesthetically pleasing. It is produced using extremely fine buffing compounds. The result: a blemish-free final surface with a high degree of clarity and sheen.


Directional Finish

A Directional Finish can range from satin to mirror finishes. This look is achieved using a sandpaper belt in one direction, all along the length of the sheet, plate, tube or bar. It provides a glossy, high-sheen finish that’s perfect for Architecture or Transportation projects. To obtain a No. 3 Directional Finish, we use 100 grit sandpaper. No. 4 Finishes receive 150 grit, and No. 6 Finishes are obtained with 160 grit.


Non-Directional Finish

Non-Directional Finishes are ideal for high-contact areas. Created using a vibratory belt, they are characterized by no clear directional patterns. This makes scratches easier to conceal. Non-Directional Finishes come in fine, medium and coarse grades.


Long Grain Finish

When fabricators need to re-blend metal that’s already been cut, welded and polished, the Long Grain Finish is an ideal choice. The look is achieved by dragging a Scotch-Brite belt over a fine satin finish. It provides a straight-line finish from end to end on any sheet, tube, plate or bar. Another benefit of Long Grain Finishes: it is extremely convenient for fabricators to match.


Cross-Grain Finish

Quite often, architects request a specific grain direction for their projects. The Cross-Grain Finish is the ideal finish to meet their needs. It’s a directional finish applied across the width of a sheet or plate, for a unique and elegant look.

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